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Do you, or your employees, or your staff of professionals understand each of the following issues and how they individually and collectively affect a successful retirement, aging, death, and legacy (however any individual defines “successful”)?

Financing Retirement

◊ Timing, Form and Tax Aspects of Distributions from Social Security

◊ Timing, Form and Tax Aspects of Distributions from Retirement Plans and IRAs

◊ Longevity, Medicaid-Compliant, Single Premium, and Deferred Annuities

◊ Reverse Mortgages, Long Term Care Insurance, and Family Caregiver Contracts

◊ Whole, Variable and Term Life Insurance, and the use of viaticals

◊ Out-of-Pocket Costs and Coverage Options Associated with Medicare

Decisions Over Property 

◊ Durable Powers of Attorney for Property and the Fiduciary Duty of the Agent 

◊ Guardianship over Property 

◊ Assessment of Diminished Mental Capacity (for contracts and transactions) 

◊ Gifting Away assets and Making Charitable Bequests

◊ Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts, Decanting and Trust Protectors

◊ Asset Protection Planning

Decisions Over Health

◊ Durable Powers of Attorney for Health, Mental Health Declarations, DNR Orders,     and POLST Directions

◊ Directives About Resuscitation, End of Life, and Mental Health Treatments

◊ Guardianship over the Body 

◊ Assessment of Diminished Mental Capacity (for informed consent)

◊ Palliative Care, Hospice Care, and Death with Dignity

◊ Accepting or Rejecting Life-Sustaining (or Death-Delaying) Treatments 

Where To Live

◊ Retrofitting Now for Your Expected Chronic Conditions and Diseases so you can        Age in Place

◊ Role of an Occupational Therapist, Social Worker or Geriatric Nurse if Aging in        

◊ Life Estates and Rental Agreements if House is Deeded to Another Person or Trust

◊ Retirement, Continuing Care and Other Active Adult Communities

◊ Federal, State and Local Government Programs for Community Living

◊ Assisted Living, Nursing Homes and Other Institutions for Long Term Care


Retirement HELP, Inc. can educate

  –  you and your family

  –  your employees and their spouses

  –  your staff of professional service providers

  –  the attendees of your professional organization's annual conference

  –  or any specific audience with tailored information

on the underlying rules and laws, and then provide objective advice on how any individual can maximize his or her dignity, independence, proactivity, purpose and autonomy during Life’s Final ROAD (Retirement, Old Age, and Dying), and can coordinate all of your professional advisors who actually assist in planning or crisis management.


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