Other Services Related to Retirement, Ageing,
End-of-Life and Estate Planning Issues
Key-Note Presentations:

We can generally speak in front of any group about retirement planning, aging, and end-of-life issues. In addition to the the legal issues, we understand the social, psychological, and health issues that generally accompany retirement, especially if retirement is sudden because of health issues or the loss of a job. Although we can produce a catalogue of developed presentations and handouts, we can tailor new presentations to the needs of any specific audience.

Assisting FInancial Service Professionals:
If you are a financial services professional, you will most likely need to deal with retirement plan issues with your clients.  Many larger firms have a retirement Subject Matter Expert acting as Of Counsel.  If you are not large enough to have a full time Of Counsel, then we can work on a project-by-project basis to help you represent your client's interests: we can either be silent behind-the-scenes, so that you appear to be a retirement expert to your client, or we can meet directly with your client to again, make you look good.
Research Projects:

Barry Kozak is a scholar and academic. After earning two law degrees, he earned a Masters degree and has matriculated in a PhD program. He is very well published and his scholarship has received accolades. Therefore, if you are a professional or an organization that wants an academic to partner with you for a single project, or a series of projects, then Barry and his team can provide the objective insight and sounding board you are looking for. Additionally, Barry has experience serving as a member of a Data Safety Monitoring Board for a NIH-funded research project.


Advocacy Projects:

Throughout his career, Barry has participated in numerous advocacy projects. He has experience commenting on proposed regulations and legislation as an active volunteer in various bar associations. He has participated in the drafting of several amicus briefs as a law school professor. He has participated in the drafting and introduction of a proposed convention document for the human rights of older persons in front of the United Nations Open-ended Working Group on Ageing. Also, in a recent academic article, he provided suggested updates to the Model Rules for Professional Conduct. All of this experience, in conjunction with his Masters of Public Policy from the Harris School at the University of Chicago, will allow him to assist you in any advocacy project, especially if the focus is on retirement and ageing, whether at the micro or macro levels.


Expert Witness:

Barry has several advanced degrees and several professional designations. As such, he can provide objective or persuasive expert testimony in litigation or mediation, especially if the focus is on retirement and ageing, whether at the micro or macro levels.


If you can think of any other projects where Barry’s cumulative expertise can benefit your current agenda, then please complete the form to the right, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.