If you provide financial and tax advice to your clients about retirement, do you understand the non-financial risks and issues that can impact their plans?
Individuals and families of all socio-economic levels are increasingly paying financial service, legal and other professionals to assist them in making decisions that affect their wealth, health, happiness and purpose during retirement; that allow for quality of life in their waning years; and that ensure that their property is distributed to their surviving heirs as per their wishes. A variety of professionals, from the financial and insurance products agent, to the estate planning attorney, to the bank trust officer, to the accountant, to the pension plan administrator, to the in-home medical care and long-term care advisor, to the hospice consultant, to the social worker, to the retirement coach, to the funeral director who advises on pre-paid arrangements, to a variety of other professionals, will be contacted with a deluge of questions from a prospective client, hopefully before the "emergency" has happened.

Do you or any member of your firm have an expertise in these non-financial issues related to planning?

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