It is well documented that most Americans are woefully unprepared for retirement due to increasing lifespans and improper planning.

The physical, emotional and financial challenges associated with retirement, and the accompanying legal considerations, housing options, social transitions and care-giving obligations, can leave even the strongest among us feeling vulnerable and overwhelmed.

We can help educate individuals and families
so they can successfully prepare for their retirement, end-of-life, and legacy

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When asked about their main goals in retirement, most people will say things like:

  • I want to maintain my independence;
  • I want to age at home and not in an institution;
  • I do not want to be a burden on my family;
  • I want my goals and wishes to be respected;
  • I want my values and wisdom to be passed to the next generation;
  • I do not want to run out of money while I am alive; and,
  • I want to leave an inheritance to my family and charities after I die.


Ultimately, leading an enjoyable life is the result of personal choices. However, individuals and their families need unbiased and objective education about all of the moving parts as they plan their retirements, end-of-lives, and legacies.  Sometimes it is as simple as learning the right questions to ask to the right professionals.

Retirement HELP provides a variety of holistic education and communication services to employers; targeted assistance to professionals so they can provide comprehensive retirement planning advice to their clients; coaching and support to individuals; and a subject matter expertise to various groups and organizations that need assistance with key note presentations, research projects, advocacy projects and expert testimony as needed.